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 Right angle turn(直角转弯

 The Company is moving into the field of AI, IQ & IA from 01112018 (January 11, 2018)

2018年一月11日起公司正在进入AI, IQ和IA领域 

Intelligence amplification (IA) (also referred to as cognitive augmentation and machine augmented intelligence) refers to the effective use of information technology in augmenting human intelligence

IA is contrasted with AI (artificial intelligence), that is, the project of building a human-like intelligence in the form of an autonomous technological system such as a computer or robot. AI has encountered many fundamental obstacles, practical as well as theoretical, which for IA seem moot, as it needs technology merely as an extra support for an autonomous intelligence that has already proven to function. Moreover, IA has a long history of success, since all forms of information technology, from the abacus to writing to the Internet, have been developed basically to extend the information processing capabilities of the human mind (see extended mind and distributed cognition).


[1] Notes from the Speed of LightMar 31, 2000 - 3, 1997, memo to employees that Nortel was going to make its now celebrated "Right-Angle Turn" toward Internet technology (from "dial tone" to "Web tone," he explained, a technology-mixing metaphor he's still proud of), Roth spent the following months looking for the right Web-tech company to buy.
This is the key moment that just like Nortel Networks in the end 1990s. Best wish to in the field of AI, IQ & IA. 

The MIT Intelligence Quest was launched on Feburary 1, 2018.

Hot Projects:

 1.)  AI based MES to Enhance the Reliability & Manufacturability of Lithum-Ion Batteris used with Electric Vehicles or Portable Consumer Electronics

 2.)  Industrial Grade 3D Printing with Laser Metal Deposition Welding Technology

 3.)  Industry 4.0 computing platform


 About the Company: is a Web based Education, Marketing & Engineering Consulting Company. Our mission is to serve our clients to identify the business opportunities &/or clear challenging technical hurdles in the transition from industrial economy to digit economy. Our focuses are in distance education, internet marketing & remote engineering consultation, especially between Canada & China. Our goal is to contribute for Canada to regain its leadership position in the digital economy, by inventing disruptive pathways to access the world 2nd largest market.
Since January 2014, we have been focusing on the Cloud Computing Integrated Manufacuring (C2IM) project with Ottawa local companies & fortune 500 Manufactring Companies in Shenzhen (P.R. China).
A project titled: "Cloud Computing Integrated Manufacturing - North American Manufacturing Renaissance & China Opportunity" (C2IM-NAMR&CO), supervised by Prof. Gu Ke, my supervisor of pre-doctorial studying & teaching in CSU.EDU.CN from Juanary 1985 to August 1987. I will kick off this project on Jaunary 12, 2014, by taking Delta Airline to leave Ottawa to Beijing via Detroit.
In January 2018, we are moving into AI based MES, especially to Enhance the Reliability & Manufacturability of Lithum-Ion Batteries used with Electric Vehicles or Portable Consumer Electronics. 

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从2011年8月,我们一直致力于与渥太华本地公司及深圳市(中华人民共和国)的财富500 制造公司合作云端制造项目。
直至2013年12月这项工作已引导出一个研究课题:“云计算集成制造 - 北美制造业复兴之中国机遇(C2IM-NAMR&CO)”。 古可教授,我在中南大学的预博士研究与教学(从1985年元月至1987年8月)时期的导师,是本课题的高级督导。我将于2014年元月12日揭开这个项目序幕 - 乘Delta航空公司客机离开渥太华,经过底特律,飞往北京。

Business Ecoysystem for North America Manufacturing Industry  

 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Society(AMES) - A Linkedin Group with =19,917 members (05/31/2018) is the company that takes one of the six manager's chairs in  AMES.

 Please join us to bring manufacuring jobs home in North America!

Event Log(大事记):

  • Launching of Inc. on January 9, 2014


  • Launching of Xiangtan Jin Hong Science & Technology on June 12, 2015


  • Notes 注意

[1] 加拿大联邦注册 Inc. Recieves IPs & Softwares from Jin Lu Consulting, which keeps IPs & Softwares developed by Extreme Ultra Precision Ottawa Laser Inc. The following important Events were related to the history of these IPs & Softwares:


绿三种颜色的象征意义是:三原色可用以调成任何颜色,我们的三大支柱平台可给客户以任意期待的支持。's Corporative Culture - The Heart and Soul of the Way 2018 is the platform supported by three pillars, 'People's Harmony', 'Integrate Theory with Practice' and 'Business Ethics'. believes that the most of valuable East culture is the Confucianism, developed from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius ("Master Kung", 551–479 BCE). The corporative culture of is built on the multiculturalism based modern Confucianism, by combining the sustainable elements from both East & West culture.

The symbolic meaning of three colors is 'RGB' (Red, Green and Blue), which can be used to form any color, i.e. unlimited supports to our customers.